Based on the principle of timeshare, Saffron Marina has introduced BoatShare™ in order that you can own a part-share in the boat of your choice. Using our BoatShare™ option, once you find the boat you like, you can opt for a BoatShare™ stake. All boats have a maximum number of 3 BoatShare™ owners, which makes up 75% of the boat. The last 25% will always be owned by Saffron Marina, in order to ensure the boat is managed correctly and kept in-line with the maintenance schedule and keep the market price. Your BoatShare™ can always be sold back to Saffron Marina with a maximum depreciation of 35% of the original BoatShare™ price you paid per year. The market value of the boat is updated on a yearly basis.

See example:

  • Boat Selection:Silverton 312 Sedan Cruiser
  • Year:1993
  • Length:32ft.
  • Engine: Mercruiser 180hp x 2 (Diesel)
  • Generator: kohler 5kw with dual zone a/c
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Price: HK$ 428,000
  • Mooring: HK$ 4,000 per month
  • Maintenance: HK$ 42,800 per year
  • Total Cost for 25% shareholding
  • Initial payment of: HK$ 107,000
  • Monthly payment of: HK$ 3,900
  • Usage: minimum 91 days, or 13 weeks or 3 months per year

Other charges are skipper fees of $800 per day Deckhand $600 per day, plus fuel used per outing.

Choose to have your friends as other BoatShare™ partners in your boat or meet new friends. All managed by Saffron Marina.

Ever thought about Living on a boat in Hong Kong?
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Each type of yacht has its merits. Motor yacht owners like the ease of use, ability to go in any direction and the space dedicated to recreational use, while sail boat lovers like the more eco-friendly nature, driven by the wind and working the boat, with the romance of the whole experience in silence. See our Motor or Sailing Yacht selection.