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60ft Pace Boat Liveaboard Including Gold Coast Debenture

60ft Mandarin Houseboat

60ft Bondway

70ft Stay-Aboard

62ft Bondway including Mooring-SOLD

70ft Sun Hing Shing-SOLD

60ft Mandarin Stay-Aboard

60ft Paceboat Stay-aboard Gold Coast Marina

70ft Sun Hing Shing- Price Reduced

70ft Sun Hing Shing

60ft Sun Hing Shing

60ft Mandarin-SOLD

60ft Sun Hing Shing

71 ft Bondway Hunky Dory – Price reduced for quick sale 2.5 mil ONLY !!- SOLD

55ft Teak Junk Stay-Aboard

60ft Stay-Aboard Dunvegan-SOLD

Serendipity Classic Teak Houseboat

60ft Sun Hing Shing

55ft Teak Stay-Aboard

70 ft Mandarin-SOLD

60ft Bondway

62 ft Mandarin Stubby- Maestro with Gold coast Debenture !! very attractive

72ft Bondway-SOLD

58ft Teak Stay-Aboard Aberdeen

60 ft Bondway

2 GRP Houseboats 57 FT and 54 FT for only 1.4 mil HKD Fire Sale much reduced !!

Stubby 50ft with power and water in Aberdeen

Mandarin 65

Novatec 55

Novatec 46 – walk on mooring

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